Nosedive Black Mirror Review.



Black Mirror British science fiction television anthology series created by Charlie Brooker. Black mirror different series  that  explores a twisted, high-tech near-future where humanity’s greatest innovations and darkest instincts collide. Black Mirror also shows the truth dark side of life and technology shows different characters suffering face Consequences .  Charlie Brooker explores the dark side of our love affair with technology,each different series in this original Netflix  series is  suspense, scary and very dark of where can tech fear gets real.  Black Mirror also shows twisits in every ending.

NoseDive where people rate one another by using their phones out of 4.5 (highest rating) where ratings can impact their entire life. It tells a story of a particular young woman Lacie(Bryce Dallas Howard) is overly obsessed with her ratings who she lives her life to please everyone.  She has been chose by her popular childhood friend (Alice Eve) to become the maid of honor at her wedding. Throughout the series she is seen the opportunity to improve her ratings  and tries to achieves her dream. However as she is about to leave her home to attend the wedding it’s bad luck there are bad events and gets  ranked down in her ratings giving her 2.5 and shows she wasn’t worth attending wedding.

At the end Lacie who tries to sabotage her childhoods best friend the wedding guests rank her down, Lacie in her cell begins to exchange insults with another prisoner(Sope Dirisu) have a mutual anger that turns to mutual delight they are free to speak to each other without fear of being ranked down in society.

Although this show has twists and turns Cinematography in NoseDive shows this full effect that is very powerful. There’s a subtle colour scheme throughout NoseDiva, as Lacie in most of the episode in pale pink, there is a lot of greens and blues  colour which may indicate nature of the episode’s society. However controversially  there is grey  colour of Lacie Prison cell(spoiler alert)  was Lacie is locked away from society  due to her meltdown of the events occurring when attending the wedding  her rating has now became 1.

I recommend to watch this Black Mirror episode. I truly recommend watching this if you have Netflix.











13 Reasons Why Heartbreaking.


13 Reasons why Trailer

“Hey! It’sCar-Seat-Headrest-Quotes-About-13-Reasons-Why Hannah. Hannah Baker…”  Netflix TV Series American drama series  13 reasons a  ripping, heartbreaking and eye-opening series streaming only on Netflix about a young girl named Hannah Baker (Katherine Langford)about her tragic death that committed  suicide.  Her close classmate Clay Jenson ( Dylan Minette) who had a crush on Hannah finds a mysterious box outside his porch. Inside the box are recordings made by Hannah Baker explaining her 13 reasons why she chose to commit suicide. 

Clay decides to listen to the recordings that Hannah made and he finds out who and how made the list of her list with selected classmates.. This heartbreaking upsetting series is told by Hannah’s dual Narrative through Clay. 13 reasons is very upsetting, heartbreaking, eye opening opening is very depressing as it  deals with suicide, and suicide is a tough subject for our society as individuals may feel lonely and sad and can  those effected such as Family and Friends.

I personally enjoyed watching this 13 reasons why  it is very  heart ripping and eye opening of  telling the truth of Suicide .   In regards Cinematographer Andrij Parekh and director Tom McCarthy decided to create two different looks to represent; one look  that represents present also known as the aftermath of Hannah’s suicide  which is visually shown dark, deep and gloomy compared the past with Hannah’s existence which is shown vivid, bright, colourful and well lit which may indicate how Hannah Baker(Katherine Langford) brightens up her day of existence regardless of the sad out come of suicide. 13 Reasons why also covers a range of issues.

Suicide is not a option.

There is helpline more information and help on  I highly recommend to watch this..    Rate 8/10