Fast and furious 8.

_fd712912-1f98-11e7-a5a9-704c25d3160dAfter becoming the billion dollar movie at the international box office the long awaited fast and furious 8 was watched by many during the bank holiday Easter weekend. The fast and furious “family” had changes to the previous movies sadly due to the death of Paul walker however the film had to run in order to be successfully the eighth edition of the fate and furious franchise.

The sequel this time round was similar to the fast and furious 6 where Letty Ortiz a protagonist of the movie and wife to Dominic Toretto also known as one of Hollywood’s A list stars Vin Deisel; had joined another gang of “family” and her husband Dominic Torreto alongside Brian O’Conner was on a mission to find and rescue her as she suffered from temporary amnesia and did not remember her real “family”.

More importantly fast 8 had been a shock to why Dominic Torerrto would leave his family he had ridden out for all those years would try to take them out in the process. Unfortunately this was all down to the evil mysterious hacker who had caught up with his past and seduced him to a forced offer he couldn’t decline. At first the reasons were unknown but as the movie continued a series of events occurred leading to new cast we hadn’t seen before than the original.


The Cinematography very dynamic adventurous  and very fast paced which made me edge my seat and action paced was epic!!!

Rating 4/5



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